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Toddler II Program

The Toddler II program is very similar to the Toddler I proram, with an added emphasis on structure and self help functions such as serving themselves meals and drinking from an open cup. This room is filled with items that encourage fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, math and science. 


In the Toddler II program there is a greater prominence of potty training to prepare the children for the preschool program.  The room is equipped for lots of learning.  It features a train table, large kitchen set, and real infant seats for pretend play.  


The circle time in this room involves a story that is themed each week to match the learning themes of the other classrooms.  The twos also work on counting, shapes, colors, numbers, beginning sounds, rhyming, weather, and anything else they happen to be interested in! 


This room also features a child size toilet and sink to further encourage independence and self help skills.  Potty training is a huge theme in this room.  Our staff does its best to accomodate and mimic the potty training habits that parents are using at home.  We believe that consistency helps the child understand what to expect and better understand their environment and their body.  We typically use lots of reminders, sticker charts and expect the occasional accident.  

We have an app that the center uses called "Brightwheel".  Throughout the day you will get notifications of everything your child is doing such as diaper changes, bathroom breaks/attempts, meals, how they ate, naps, pictures and videos.  Also a great feature of this app is the real time messaging back and forth with the teacher and parent, so if you as the parent have a question throughout the day you can message the app and we will get back to you as soon as possible and vice versa if the teacher has any questions. Of course if there is any sort of emergency you will still get a phone call immediately. 

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