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Toddler I


The Toddler I program is designed to stimulate learning and development through exploration of the structured environment. 


Toddlers are encouraged to make their own choices from interests as diverse as dramatic play to fine motor skills. Short periods of structure are incorporated within the curriculum with activities including finger plays, stories, music, and a language circle time. 


Toddlers nap on toddler size cots. This classroom is also designed to help with hygiene functions such as self hand washing and teeth brushing.  The chairs and table are set low to encourage independence and practice the basic skills of getting in and out of chairs.


The classroom is equipped with a quiet reading area as well as a slide for gross motor development.  Large piece puzzles and instruments are readily available for fine motor play.  Toddlers love to dress up and see themselves looking silly, so our room is filled with lots of dress up items for them to explore and practice with.  Each child is encouraged to grow at their own pace.  Our staff provides lots of opportunities for social and sensory exploration.


We have an app that the center uses called "Brightwheel".  Throughout the day you will get notifications of everything your child is doing such as diaper changes, bathroom breaks/attempts, meals, how they ate, naps, pictures and videos.  Also a great feature of this app is the real time messaging back and forth with the teacher and parent, so if you as the parent have a question throughout the day you can message the app and we will get back to you as soon as possible and vice versa if the teacher has any questions. Of course if there is any sort of emergency you will still get a phone call immediately. 

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