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The infant program is carefully structured around each infant's individual needs and is based upon their unique developmental skills and achievements as per the 

parent's request. 

The Toddler I program is designed to stimulate learning and development through exploration of the structured environment. 

Toddler I
Toddler II

The Toddler II program is very similar to the Toddler I proram, with an added emphasis on structure and self help functions such as feeding and hygiene.

For this age range, 3-5 years, we offer a variety of learning areas such as blocks, manipulatives, art exploration, language and reading, science, math and dramatic play. 


Religious Instruction

Faith is an important part of our day.  Before each meal begins, we say a small prayer, do Bible lessons once a week and celebrate religious holidays.  We believe in building a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.

Pre School

Established in January of 2002 provides a comfortable place for young children to learn and play. The facility is state licensed and inspected by the State of Illinois, Department of Children and Family Services. St. Thomas Episcopal Child Care and Preschool is dedicated to providing quality child care services to infants, toddlers and preschool children. 

Articles & Resources

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