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Pre-School Program

For this age range, 3-5 years, we offer a variety of learning areas such as blocks, manipulatives, art exploration, language and reading, science, math and dramatic play.   Our classrooms are print rich environments that encourage reading readiness and skill development.

The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and is designed to enhance each child's social and emotional, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language, and critical thinking skills. The children are encouraged to explore and manipulate the objects in their enviornment. 


Hands-on activities are provided regularly to allow the children an opportunity to understand their enviornment better. Children will be exposed to each area of the classroom to meet their needs and expand their interests.  Our lessons are themed each week with a variety of themes throughout the year.  It is through these themed activities and lessons that many children have found a topic they love and carried with them for years.  Having a background in lots of different subject areas and topics helps improve reading comprehension.


The pre-school curriculum is based on an idea of balance.  We believe that creative exploration and expression are just as important as the more "traditional" worksheets.  We strive to balance teaching and learning styles in order to tap into each child's potential.  


Our pre-school program is broken up into two groups, pre-k 1 and pre-k 2.  We separate the students going into kindergarten in order to make smaller class sizes and focus on each child's level of development.  We believe that with smaller class sizes, we can pinpoint each child's strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments in the curriculum to better fit their needs.  In the afternoon, we foster a sense of community and mentorship by pairing the two classes so that the older students get an opportunity to assist the younger ones.  This is a valuable learning experience as teaching deepens understanding.

We have an app that the center uses called "Brightwheel".  Throughout the day you will get notifications of everything your child is doing such as meals, naps, pictures and videos.  Also a great feature of this app is the real time messaging back and forth with the teacher and parent, so if you as the parent have a question throughout the day you can message the app and we will get back to you as soon as possible and vice versa if the teacher has any questions. Of course if there is any sort of emergency you will still get a phone call immediately. 

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