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Kindergarten - 4th Grade Progams



Our school age program is designed to accomodate a myriad of needs.  We understand that this age group encompasses lots of transitions and growth.  We also understand the needs of working parents.  We offer drop in care for snow days, holidays, and more. 


We have resource books for each grade level and choose various worksheets and activities that coencide with each child's individual needs.  Parents are encouraged to bring in resources that they feel the children will benefit from.  We also encourage parents to speak to us about what they feel their child needs most work with.  Various books of all different reading levels and subject areas are made available with an open quiet reading nook.


Various electronic devices are available for timed and monitored educational learning.  We understand that electronics are an integral part of today's society.  With that in mind, we want to allow the kids to use them in a way that is safe and educational. 


During the summer we will be taking walking field trips to nearby businesses and community meeting places.  This will give the students a chance to exercise as well as get a variety of experiences to expand their knowledge of our community.


We are now enrolling for our summer school age program.  Call for details!

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