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Infant Program


The infant program is carefully structured around each infant's individual needs and is based upon their unique developmental skills and achievements as per the parent's request. Whether the child wants to play, eat, or sleep, our staff does its best to accommodate that need.   With a low teacher to child ratio, we are well equipped to quickly meet your child's needs.


We have an app that the center uses called "Brightwheel".  Throughout the day you will get notifications of everything your child is doing such as diaper changes, feedings, naps, tummy time, pictures and videos.  Also a great feature of this app is the real time messaging back and forth with the teacher and parent, so if you as the parent have a question throughout the day you can message the app and we will get back to you as soon as possible and vice versa if the teacher has any questions. Of course if there is any sort of emergency you will still get a phone call immediately. 

Our infant room is fully functioning with a food preparation area, diaper changing area, separate handwashing sink, refrigerator and more.   No one will ever have to leave the classroom to meet any needs.  We keep everything we need close at hand in order to make your child's care more safe and efficient.


We have a wide variety  of toys to stimulate learning.  Each toy is sanitized weekly or when put in the mouth. Health and safety is always our first concern.


The room has been designed with each child's needs in mind.  We have lots of tummy time toys to accommodate the youngest who are still getting used to controlling their head and neck.  We also have play areas designed to encourage sitting up,  reaching, and crawling.  We also provide lots of experiences that encourage walk and gross motor development.  


Each month the staff does a keepsake craft project that pertains to the season or the holiday.  We understand that the infant year can move by in a flash and want to help you preserve those precious memories.

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