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The philosophy of St. Thomas Episcopal Child Care and Preschool is one of nurturing, love and understanding. Every effort will be made to provide a stress-free atmosphere, yet filled with stimulating experiences to promote the growth and well being of the whole child. 


We use positive proactive behavior management techniques and age appropriate activities to meet the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative needs of each child. 


Our programs emphasize developmentally appropriate learning experiences, which encourage the child's natural curiosity, thus allowing the child to develop self-help and communication skills, social competence, and positive self-esteem. 


The abundance of love, understanding, imagination and fun in our staff members will help every child make an easy transition from home to our center.


Our Offerings

We encourage the development of the child emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively, and creatively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer affordable, high quality child care.  Our staff members are trained in accordance with state regulations and have your child's needs in mind.

Meet The Team


Ms. Kassi


Kassi is a working mom who understands your needs and concerns.  With over ten years of daycare experience and a Bachelor's from Greenville College, she is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.  


Ms. Ann

Assistant Director

Ann has over ten years of daycare experience and lots of fun with her own three children.  She is interested in accomodating the needs of the children in her classroom and making sure they get the most from their time here.


Ms. Amanda

Pre-K 2 Teacher & Assistant Director

Amanda is a creative member of our staff with a flair for understanding the needs of the preschooler.  She loves fitness and is always coming up with fun ways to keep our kids active!  She has two little ones of her own and understands the needs and concerns of the working parent.


Ms. Carlie

Twos Room Teacher & Assistant Director

Ms. Paige

Toddler Room Teacher & Assistant Director

Ms. Sarah P

Toddler Room Teacher & Assistant Director

Ms. Karly

Pre-K 1 Teacher

Ms. Jen

Infant Room Teacher

Ms. Macey

Infant Room Teacher
dayton (2).jpg

Ms. Dayton

Twos Class Teacher
danica (2).jpg

Ms. Danica

Twos Classroom Teacher
jessica (2).jpg

Ms. Jessica

Pre-K 2 Teacher
Sarah b.jpg

Ms. Sarah B

Toddler Room Teacher

Ms. Autumn

Pre-K 1 Teacher's Aide

Ms. Morgan

Infant Room Teacher's Aide

Ms. Shakeela

Floating Teacher

Ms. Brianna

Infant Room Teacher

Ms. Brandy

Floating Teacher's Aide

Ms. Ashley

The Cook
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